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         Dollar Bar Ranch Papillons



                 My husband Rowdy and I and our  Papillons  live in a lovely home on an 80 acre

ranch on the beautiful Pecos River in Southeastern New Mexico. We are relatively new to

showing and breeding Papillons, only about 6 years, having been mentored into the sport with the help of

several wonderful Papillon people, most notably Kathy Taylor of Starfleet Papillons(AKC

Breeder of Merit), and Martha Rabe of Rughar P Papillons. My interest in the breed was

the result of having fallen in love with the beautiful little butterflies through watching them

on television and watching them perform in agility trials with my niece, Carla who  is an

avid agility competitor.

     My first Papillon was a pet, but I soon found myself wanting to compete and after much 

searching obtained Pepper  when he was about a year old. We  finished his championship

in a little over a year. He is a proven sire with three nice litters to his credit. Since then we have finished 3 more champions

 and are working on 2 Grand Championships for Rare Breed and Aspen.

      I have collected a small group of breeding hopefuls with

select bloodlines.  I breed infrequently but  I will

have a few high quality, well socialized puppies available

for pet, show, performance and breeding.  Stay tuned.